Cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) Solutions

From the patient CT scan data we design and manufacture a comprehensive range of cranial maxillo-facial implants and surgical guides for the repair and reconstruction of patients’ facial bones, namely cranial plates, mandibular bars, orbital floors, zygoma or maxilla implants.

Every patient is different and additive manufacturing technology enables the creation of patient specific implants designed to perfectly match the patients’ individual anatomy.  We can also provide medical grade resin anatomical models. The use of custom surgical guides improves surgical precision and reduces surgical time.

Our additive manufacturing technology delivers personalised healthcare because each patient deserves the very best treatment.

What CMF solutions do we offer?

From design confirmation to delivery in just over a week.

Implant Manufacturing

If your hospital has its own design capabilities, we can manufacture custom-made medical devices in titanium or resin with a fast turnaround.

In-house Personalised Implant Design

Whether it's cranial plates, mandibular reconstructions, orbital floors, surgical guides or plastic demonstration models - our experienced design team is happy to help.

All our CMF solutions seamlessly integrate into Orthoscape Connect

Orthoscape Connect is the online portal that allows clinicians to seamlessly upload data, manage their cases and quickly review patient-specific designs with our intuitive 3D viewer.

Orthoscape Connect effortlessly integrates with hospital procurement for order confirmations, invoices (PEPPOL) and product traceability (GS1) to improve efficiency.

A more sustainable future of medical implant technology

At Orthoscape, we strive to reduce our impact on the planet.

We believe in the importance of getting it right first time. This is particularly important in surgery where the accuracy of the procedure can influence the longevity of the procedure and the likelihood of future re-operation (revision).

Our primary manufacturing process is Selective Laser Melting (additive manufacturing) which inherently wastes less material than conventional processes, only using material where required. We make products on-demand, for specific patients. Unlike standard orthopaedic kits with multiple large inventory trays requiring re-sterilisation before every surgery our systems are extremely compact only containing the components necessary for a particular patient. This dramatically reduces the surgical time taken with associated reductions in CO2 emissions as well as the re-processing of inventory trays. We chose to use a plastic-free, bleach-free cardboard box for our packaging, but where necessary we use recycled/ biodegradable plastic bags.

Where possible, we promote smart communication using our digital portal to conduct design consultations remotely and use VR technology for training.

We recognise the large impact that everyday choices can have on the environment and therefore only purchase plant-based food and drink products in our offices and while travelling.

Our CMF Implant Capabilities

How we do it

In-house CAD design team & Rapid Prototyping facilities

Biocompatible 3D Metal Manufacturing

Patient-specific surgery kit including implant design, screws and guide.