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Progress in surgery is greatly driven by advances in engineering.

Engineering can improve the medical industry by designing new, effective, medical devices and processes to make medical care available to everyone in the world.
3DMP is a medical device manufacturer of personalised solutions focusing on improving medical practices for safer and more cost-effective treatments.

Additive Manufacturing

Personalised treatments to create unparalleled surgical experience.

Software Simulation

Digital applications for safe and intuitive surgical planning.


Mixed realities for immersive surgical training and health educational learning.

"A passion for additive manufacturing"

A culture of innovation

3D Metal Printing is a research engineering company delivering leading-edge healthcare solutions. We design and produce custom-made orthopaedic implants and surgical accessories as well as providing virtual reality training packages for clinical staff.

Our mission is to restore outstanding patient quality of life by continually innovating our range of medical devices in additive manufacturing, a relatively clean technology with reduced reliance on industrial chemicals a process with minimal material waste.

We are passionate about science, from material science to AI technology. Our people are biomechanical engineers, software developers, orthopaedic surgeons including researchers from leading universities and orthopaedic institutes in the UK and Europe.

Partners & Investment

Innovate UK


University of Bath


We involved surgeons and patients from the very beginning to help us clearly identify the problems with the current HTO surgical procedure and find the best possible solutions in an engineering sense, but also finding an appropriate technology given the existing resources and skills in the context of the current healthcare system.

We obtained certification for our quality management system to produce the product and partnered with hospitals to obtain regulatory approval for the initial clinical trials.



Research projects and academic collaborative engagement

Digital Applications

Solutions for patients and healthcare improvements

Medical Devices

Personalised surgical devices in additive manufacturing

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Social responsibility is at the heart of what we do at 3DMP. Our products, research and development efforts centre around the motion of relieving pain, increasing customisation in surgical procedures to achieve optimal outcomes, improving patient recovery and quality of life thereafter.

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University awarded new Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with 3D Metal Printing (3DMP), specialists in manufacturing precision-engineered medical devices.  

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As the COVID pandemic takes its toll on jobs, families are struggling financially. In some cases, it is impossible for parents to feed their children. With holidays on the horizon, this struggle will increase. Considering the pandemic, upcoming holidays, and the daily struggle for these families we would like to focus our support on preparing food parcels for families in need.

Our hampers will contain food for the whole family. Essentials for preparing meals. Each hamper will have a value of approximately £15. We will purchase the food from the donations you give and prepare the hampers for distribution locally.

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Working on the future

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Unique Medical devices
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Major hospitals

"Our mission"


Our mission is to restore the outstanding quality of life offering patient-specific treatments to create an unparalleled surgical experience.

We aim to continually innovate to make our product range exceptional by investing in research and future technologies. Our people share the passion…. problem-solving and the vision of truly personalised healthcare for all.

“3D printing is a disruptive technology. In a time of high consumer demand for personalised products and vital need for environmental sustainability, a low impact built on-demand process is the new industrial revolution”.

This was the vision that inspired me in 2013 and the formation of 3DMP thereafter. Today our people share the same passion to make a positive contribution to society.

"Behind the scenes"

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